100 lbs in 1 year. let's laugh it off!

Oscar Oscar!

Not diet related at all, but it needs to be shared…

I always liked Anne Hathaway.

The first time I saw the Princess Diaries, I was hooked. She reminded me of my awesome niece, Jen. She doesn’t look like her, Jen looks a little like Bonnie Hunt or Drew Barrymore. The thing that Jen and Anne have in common is their enthusiasm and that sense of humor, which is intelligent, yet goofy. You’re saying, Hey Mare! You know you don’t really know Anne Hathaway, right? Au contraire, mon cherie. I read a few interviews and I think one was in Vanity Fair, and that’s the equivalent of having coffee with her. Or her favorite drink, the skinnygirl margarita.  See? I know her.

That’s why I was looking forward to the Oscars. Who doesn’t love a little youthful injection to an old tired thing? And I’m not talking about Christine Lahti getting botox, I mean a couple of kids hosting the most prestigious award show of the season. It’s not the most fun one, that’s the Golden Globes. It’s full of anticipatory anxiety because you don’t know what is going to happen. You see, the Hollywood Foreign Press allows drinking at their event. So the champagne is flowing and they have a very long walk to the stage. Something crazy always happens, speaking of Christine Lahti.

So my Anne looked beautiful in most of her gowns, but she was not a good host for the Oscars. Too much clapping, hooting and hollering and acting like a fangirl. Oh, and that boy from Freaks and Geeks looked high. Everyone on facebook said so.

Speaking of the facepage, as my Mom calls it – Shout out to all my very funny peeps on Kelly Conlon’s event page who snarked up the show from pre-game red carpet to the bitter end. I only made it to about 10:30 PM, but don’t worry. I watched it on dvr the next morning. It was still bad.

mare out.


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